On this day, in 1921, an Armenian gunman named Soghomon Tehlirian kills Mehmet Talat Pasha, the ex interior minister of the Ottoman Empire, in Berlin, Germany.

Tehlirian rents an apartment close to where Talat Pasha lived and waits for the right time to commit his heinous crime. When the time comes, he walks behind Talat Pasha, pulls his gun and shots him behind his head. German authorities arrest Tehrlirian, who tries but fails to escape. The Armenians worldwide, celebrate this assassination and treat Tehlirian as a hero. 

Talat Pasha is claimed to have sent "secret telegrams" to Ottoman officials ordering the killing of Armenians. Armenians and their supporters based these claims on Aram Andonian's 1920 book "The Memoirs of Naim Bey, Turkish Official Documents Relating to the Deportations and Massacres of Armenians" first published in London, then in Paris under the name "Documents Officiels concernant les Massacres Arméniens" and finally in Boston (in Armenian) with the title "The Great Crime, The Latest Armenian Massacres and Talat Pasha. Official Telegrams with their signed originals". Even though Armenians and their supporters all around the world still utilize this book desperately to back their claims, Sinasi Orel and Sureyya Yuca proved that Andonian fabricated all these documents in their 1986 book "The Talât Pasha 'Telegrams' - Historical fact of Armenian Fiction".

For a summary and review of this book, check out Professor Türkkaya Ataöv's article.






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