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Turkish American Political Action Committee (TurkishPAC - Turkish American Heritage Political Action Committee until May 2008)  is incorporated in Houston, TX. Initially, it is conceived as an e-mail list of Turks living in Houston, to be expanded in time to other cities in Texas and, eventually, to other states in the US. The list exists in order to facilitate the achievement of TurkishPAC Aims using the Methods.

Several American ethnic organizations with historical enmity to Turks and the Turkish Republic are making concerted efforts to defame and otherwise insult Turkish Heritage through distorting historical facts. In general, these organizations accuse the Ottoman Turks and the Turkish Republic of inhuman acts committed against minorities during the last decades of the Ottoman Empire. Some organizations even go as far as claiming monetary and territorial compensation from the Turkish government for these falsely claimed crimes. Their efforts, in general, consist of:

  • Influencing USA public opinion through use of slanderous advertisements and articles published in newspapers, magazines, TV programs, documentaries, and movies.
  • Influencing and motivating local and federal politicians through political campaigns and monetary contributions to support resolutions and proclamations that slander Turks and the Turkish Republic,
  • Making donations to, and/or endowing research institutions or chairs in, Universities with the goal of publishing theses and research papers, which distort history and attack the Turkish heritage.

There is a hitherto dormant "Voting Potential" among Turkish-Americans and Friends of Turkey, which is identifiable as those citizens who will vote on a single issue; whether that be the candidacy of a Turkish-American for public office, or the voting record of any other incumbent/candidate regarding an issue on Turkey.

The Corporation is organized for the purpose of organizing this Voting Potential in order to defend Turkish heritage against slanderous campaigns carried out by ethnic groups in the USA, which are not friendly to the people, heritage and history of Turkey.

The Corporation is, therefore, organized for the following purposes:

  • To formulate and state our common goals and principles regarding issues on defending the Turkish Heritage,
  • To promote and propagate our goals and principles, organize social activities such as educational seminars, discussion panels, and training courses; prepare brochures, hand-outs, posters; write articles, letters, editorials, etc.
  • Identify and nominate Turkish Americans or their friends and supporters (Our Nominees) for local (City Council), state (The Capitol) and Federal representation of purposes.
  • To form political interest groups that would tap into the Voting Potential; unify voters under our common goals and principles; and organize them at the county, state and regional levels to support the campaigning efforts of Our Nominees.
  • To identify non-Turkish-American incumbent officials and candidates for public office (Other Officials), who may be persuaded of our goals and principles; to reach Other Officials and explain to them our goals and principles.
  • To organize fund-raising activities to support the election campaigns of Our Nominees and the election/re-election campaigns of Other Officials.

The Corporation shall not concern itself with the political issues that are inherent to the internal and/or international political operations of the USA or Turkish Governments, otherwise not related to the defense of the Turkish Heritage.

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