Archival documents

The New York Times was neutral once; in their November 15, 1895 issue, on the fifth page, they report how the Armenian revolters set fire to mosques, bazaars, schools and killed Muslims and even the Christians. Click here for the original article and here for a transcription for easy reading.

And here are some other articles from the New York Times, published from August 23, 1895 to December 20, 1905. All are original documents, taken from (March 20, 2007)

  • "Proof of the Assertion that Armenian Revolutionists Caused It" (go)
  • "... it is by deeds similar to the above that Armenian Revolutionists, according to their own admission, expect again to bring about very serious troubles in Asiatic Turkey. In addition to the above, it may perhaps be of interest to give also the following facts, taken out of many, and showing the criminal work of the Armenian revolutionary committees..." (go)
  • "... A private letter ... puts on the Armenians themselves the blame for the harsh treatment they have received from Turkey. This letter reads..." (go)
  • "They [Armenians] receive orders from a secret central committee. They are responsible for the recent disturbances..." (go)
  • "...The latest dispatch received from Tiflis says that 300 houses in the Mussulman quarter were set on fire by armed Armenians, who prevented the inmates from leaving and fired on the fireman who attempted to distinguish the flames..." (go)