We have witnessed with great sorrow Senator Barack Obama's selection of Senator Joe Biden as his Vice Presidential running mate. Joe Biden has a clear bias against Turkey and Turkish people as proven by his actions in the past.

With all the evidence in hand, TurkishPAC does not believe that we will be able to change the anti-Turkish positions of Senators Obama and Biden.  If elected, their actions are expected to result in further deterioration of the already-fragile friendship and cooperation between Turkey and the U.S.

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Today marks the 86th anniversary of our great victory at Dumlupinar, Afyonkarahisar, which ended the Turkish War of Independence. The battle began on August 26, 1922 and ended with victory on August 30th, under Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's leadership. This decisive victory against the Greek Army ended the imperialist invasion of Anatolia by the British, French, Italian and Greek armies, which started in 1919. 

TurkishPAC commemorates those who died for our country with great respect. 

Consul Ali Findik and historian Justin McCarthy will speak about Turkish American relations and Armenian Allegations in an event jointly organized by TurkishPAC and Turkish Heritage Society, in San Antonio, TX on August 30.

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With their press release dated August 8, 2008, Turkish Coalition of America demands Armenian community to denounce death threats by radical Armenian Americans against members of congress and their continued campaign of harassment and intimidation of public officials.

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