Gündüz Suphi Aktan, Turkey's former ambassador to Greece, United Nations and Japan and a member of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, passed away on Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at the age of 67, due to kidney tumor.

Gündüz Suphi Aktan was born in Safranbolu, on August 7, 1941. After graduating from the political science department of Ankara University, he worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs until 1998. From 1998 to 2007, he wrote for the daily Radikal, Turkish Daily News and  for a while directed the Turkish think tank Eurasia Strategic Research Center.

He was a well known and respected expert on the Armenian question and he wrote extensively on the subject. He was a member of track two diplomacy group Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation Commission. He believed that normalization of Turkish-Armenian relations could only be possible after resolution of Armenian genocide claims and the Nagorno-Karabakh dispute.

A compilation of his articles can be found in his book "Açık Kriptolar: Ermeni Soykırım İddiaları, Avrupa'da Irkçılık ve Türkiye'nin AB Üyeliği (Open Encrypts: Armenian Genocide Claims, Racism in Europe and Turkey's EU Membership)".

TurkishPAC mourns the untimely loss of Gündüz Suphi Aktan and conveys its condolences to his family and Turkish People. 
Washington DC, November 3, 2008  - The Turkish American Legal Defense Fund today requested the Attorney General of Ohio, Nancy H. Rogers, to open a criminal investigation under Ohio law into signature Armenian verbal thuggery employed by Armenian American independent candidate David Krikorian against Representative Jean Schmidt. The Congresswoman represents the 2nd district of Ohio, and is running for re-election. The criminal lies under that Krikorian recently splattered against Ms. Schmidt are emblematic of the religiously and ethnically bigoted campaign tactics that Armenian Americans celebrate, directly or indirectly, against congressional candidates who refuse to salute their narrow, close-minded, fanatical anti-Turkish agenda.

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Yusif Babanly, Azerbaijani American Council's Vice President kindly sent the following message for the Republic Day:

"Our Dear Turkish brothers and sisters, 

Congratulations on the Independence Day of Turkey! Through the hardships and battles, through misery and devastation, through suppression and injustice, the Turkish nation has fought its way out and has come out as the victor establishing one of the unique secular statehoods in the world. On this wonderful occasion of independence, I would like to congratulate all of you on extraordinary achievements, endless accomplishments and victories of the Turkish nation! We at Azerbaijani American Council (AAC) wish you much success in promoting Turkey and Turkish values at home and around the world!"

Turkish Coalition of America introduced a very useful service for those of you who are planning to vote or want to follow the election process. Click here to access the page. 

Five members of Congress will join the Republic Day celebrations as the result of a coordinated effort by TCA, supported by the Assembly of Turkish American Associations , the Federation of Turkish American Associations and several local Turkish American associations.

The following members of Congress will be guests of honor of Turkish American associations at their Republic Day balls:
Congressman John Culberson (R-TX/7th),
American Turkish Association of Houston
Congressman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX/5th),
Turkish American Association of Northern Texas
Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-FL/23rd),
Florida Turkish American Association
Congressman Michael Rogers (R-MI/8th),
Turkish American Cultural Association of Michigan
Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA/46th),
Association of Turkish Americans of Southern California 

For more information and two statements issued by Congressman Robert Wexler and Co-chairs of Turkish Caucus Ed Whitfield and Kay Granger please visit Turkish Coalition of America's website.   

Since its establishment in October 2006, TurkishPAC has been working hard to defend Turkish heritage against slanderous campaigns carried out by ethnic groups in the USA, which are unfriendly to the people, heritage and history of Turkey, and whose main method is distorting the historical facts.

In these two years, we organized numerous events, ...

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The total contribution by Turkish Americans during this election cycle has exceeded the historical $1,000,000 benchmark, according to Turkish Coalition USA PAC.

"Thanks to the dedication of Turkish Americans across the country, historical benchmarks have been reached in this important election cycle reflecting the growing activism on the part of Turkish Americans in the US political process. Over...

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A group of multinational intellectuals ranging from diverse backgrounds like medical doctors, engineers, lawyers, computer scientists, and historians from Europe, USA and Turkey have agreed on the dissemination of the following two articles: 'White Paper: The Armenian Issue' and 'Misrepresentations of Facts Associated with the Armenian Issue'. Click "read more" button below to read the articles. 
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