TurkishPAC is pleased to inform you about Professor Türkkaya Ataöv’s Houston seminar, "How to Come to Terms with One's Own Past",  sponsored by Turkish Heritage Society and Federation of Turkish American Associations (FTAA).

Professor Ataöv will also be visiting several other US and Canada cities for a series of lectures which will also be organized by FTAA and local Turkish-American or Turkish-Canadian organizations. Detailed information will be posted here as they become available.

Please click here for a short biography of Professor Ataöv and here for the abstract of his seminar, "How to Come to Terms With One's Past: A Probe into History Including Armeno-Turkish Relations".

Cornell, Ithaca, NY: February 10, 2009 (details)

New Jersey: February 11 2009 (details)

New York City: February 12, 2009 (details)

Rochester, NY: February 14, 2009 (details)

Toronto, CA: February 18, 2009 (details)

Montreal, CA: February 20, 2009 (details)

Washington DC: February 23, 2009 (details)

Pittsburgh, PA: February 25, 2009 (details)

Philadelphia, PA: February 27, 2009

Hartford, CT: March 1, 2009

Boston, MA: March 4, 2009

Chicago, IL: March 6, 2009 (details)

Bloomington, IN: March 09,2009 (details)

Atlanta, GA: March 11, 2009

Denver, CO: March 13-14, 2009

San Francisco, CA: March 16, 2009

Los Angeles, CA: March 18, 2009

San Antonio, TX: March 20, 2009 (details)

Houston, TX: March 21, 2009 (details)

Dallas, TX: March 23, 2009 (details)

Boca Raton, FL: March27, 2009 (details)

Ft. Lauderdale and Gainesville, FL: March 25-28, 2009

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