We thank all our contributors and volunteers for their support. Without them none of these events would be possible. As you can imagine all these activities/fundraisers require a great deal of resources and financial backing-up. If you would like to help us continue our activities, please visit our “Donations” page, and send any amount you can. Also if you want to hear from us, please sign up for our email list – we promise your information will be kept confidential and no junk mails will be sent. 

  • TurkishPAC organized a fundraiser event for Dupage County Board Candidate Rifat Sivisoglu, and donated more than $2,000 to his campaign.  More than $5,000 was raised in this event.

  • TurkishPAC donated $2,300 to the Ohio Congressman candidate Steve Stivers’ campaign.

  • Texas Congressman Gene Green joined Turkish Caucus. This brings the total number of members in the Turkish caucus to a record-high 80. The previous all-time high was 72 in 2006.

  • TurkishPAC hosted Prof. Justin McCarthy in San Antonio, where he delivered his speech and presented solid evidence against the so called Armenian genocide allegations.

  • TurkishPAC contributed $1,500 to the fundraiser for Ohio Congresswoman Jean Schmidt.

  • Members of TurkishPAC traveled to Corpus Christi and attended the Appreciation Dinner commemorating the 25th year anniversary of the US Congressman Solomon Ortiz. TurkishPAC and Turkish Coalition Jointly purchased a $1,000 dinner table. Turkish flag was displayed as one of the 8 supporting and attending Nations of Origin. The Anniversary was attended by many LULAC representatives including Congressmen Silvestre Reyes, Kika DeLa Graza, and State Senators Eddie Lucio Jr.,  Solomon P. Ortiz Jr, Houston Congressman Gene Green, and Missouri Congressman Ike Skelton. The meeting continued after the dinner in the hotel with the US representatives when US. Turkish relations were discussed.

  • TurkishPAC-San Antonio branch is established.

  • TurkishPAC organized a fundraiser for Jim Slattery, a candidate for the Senate from Kansas. Although TurkishPAC’s direct contribution was only $660, total amount raised was $17,000 in this event. Also during this event, representatives from Turkish Coalition USA Political Action Committee joined TurkishPAC, which gave us another chance to coordinate our events.

  • On April 26, TurkishPAC, along with other Turkish organizations based in Houston organized a street rally against the so called Armenian genocide allegations. TurkishPAC deeply believes that these allegations are completely baseless and the Armenian-American community in the US is being misguided by the Armenian interest groups. Similar rallies will continue as long as the Armenian demonstrations take place.

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