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  • On March 13, TurkishPAC representatives visited DC and joined the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) dinner. In this event, our representatives also had an opportunity to meet President G.W. Bush and chat briefly about important topics. Also during the dinner, we had a chance to meet many members of the congress, and explain our views, and invite them to join the Turkish Caucus.

  •  On March 31, representatives from TurkishPAC were present at a conference organized by the Azerbaijani-American Council and were rewarded by a plaque for their support and coordination with the Azerbaijani brothers and sisters. We thank our friends across the border for their kind gesture.

  • Representatives from TurkishPAC visited several representatives in Houston. Namely, Congressman Al Green, Congressman Gene Green, Congressman John Culberson. These visits proved to be very productive in a sense that the Turkish thesis on several international issues was once again represented, and the strong bond between the two nations was once more emphasized.

  •  TurkishPAC contributed $1,000 to the fundraiser for Ohio Congresswoman Jean Schmidt.

  •  TurkishPAC contributed $2,000 to the fundraiser for Indiana Congressman Dan Burton.

  • TurkishPAC contributed $500 to the fundraiser for Ohio Congresswoman Virginia Fox.

All three representatives were invited to join the Turkish Caucus in the Congress.

  • TurkishPAC representatives joined to a fundraising event for Texas Congressman Ted Poe and donated approximately $1,000 to his campaign. This was also a long-awaited opportunity to contact Congressman Poe and brief him on the importance of the Turkish-American relations.

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