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October 2008

  • Total amount fundraised by the Turkish-American community in US has reached the record-level $1,000,000 mark. Thanks to the dedication of Turkish Americans across the country, historical benchmarks have been reached in this important election cycle reflecting the growing activism on the part of Turkish Americans in the US political process. Over $1,050,000 has been raised by Turkish Americans for the Democratic and Republican Parties and congressional, state and local candidates. Turkish Americans have supported financially nearly 100 candidates and have sponsored some 40 fundraisers. This puts the Turkish Americans on the political map of the United States.
  •  TurkishPAC contributed $800 to the fundraiser for Ohio Congresswoman Jean Schmidt
  • TurkishPAC contributed $340 to the fundraiser for Kansas Congressman candidate Jim Slattery

September 2008

  • TurkishPAC organized a fundraiser event for Dupage County Board Candidate Rifat Sivisoglu, and donated more than $2,000 to his campaign. More than $5,000 was raised in this event.
  •  TurkishPAC donated $2,300 to the Ohio Congressman candidate Steve Stivers’ campaign
  • Texas Congressman Gene Green joined Turkish Caucus. This brings the total number of members in the Turkish caucus to a record-high 80. The previous all-time high was 72 in 2006.

August 2008

  • TurkishPAC hosted Prof. Justin McCarthy in San Antonio, where he delivered his speech and presented solid evidence against the so called Armenian genocide allegations.

June 2008

  • TurkishPAC contributed $1,500 to the fundraiser for Ohio Congresswoman Jean Schmidt.

May 2008

  • TurkishPAC-San Antonio branch is established.
  • TurkishPAC organized a fundraiser for Jim Slattery, a candidate for the Senate from Kansas. Although TurkishPAC’s direct contribution was only $660, total amount raised was $17,000 in this event. Also during this event, representatives from Turkish Coalition USA Political Action Committee joined TurkishPAC, which gave us another chance to coordinate our events.

April 2008

  • On April 26, TurkishPAC, along with other Turkish organizations based in Houston organized a street rally against the so called Armenian genocide allegations. TurkishPAC deeply believes that these allegations are completely baseless and the Armenian-American community in the US is being misguided by the Armenian interest groups. Similar rallies will continue as long as the Armenian demonstrations take place.

March 2008

  • On March 13, TurkishPAC representatives visited DC and joined the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) dinner. In this event, our representatives also had an opportunity to meet President G.W. Bush and chat briefly about important topics. Also during the dinner, we had a chance to meet many members of the congress, and explain our views, and invite them to join the Turkish Caucus.
  •  On March 31, representatives from TurkishPAC were present at a conference organized by the Azerbaijani-American Council and were rewarded by a plaque for their support and coordination with the Azerbaijani brothers and sisters. We thank our friends across the border for their kind gesture.

February 2008

  • Representatives from TurkishPAC visited several representatives in Houston. Namely, Congressman Al Green, Congressman Gene Green, Congressman John Culberson. These visits proved to be very productive in a sense that the Turkish thesis on several international issues was once again represented, and the strong bond between the two nations was once more emphasized.
  •  TurkishPAC contributed $1,000 to the fundraiser for Ohio Congresswoman Jean Schmidt
  •  TurkishPAC contributed $2,000 to the fundraiser for Indian Congressman Dan Burton
  • TurkishPAC contributed $500 to the fundraiser for Ohio Congresswoman Virginia Fox

All three representatives were invited to join the Turkish Caucus in the Congress

January 2008

  • TurkishPAC representatives joined to a fundraising event for Texas Congressman Ted Poe and donated approximately $1,000 to his campaign. This was also a long-awaited opportunity to contact Congressman Poe and brief him on the importance of the Turkish-American relations.

December 2007

  • TurkishPAC donated $1,000 to Michigan congresswoman Rachael Kilpatrick’s fundraising event 

November 2007

  • Representatives from TurkishPAC visited DC and joined to a conference on lobbying activities. In this meeting they also had many opportunities to get together with the representatives of various Turkish-American communities and strategize different approaches to common problems.
  • TurkishPAC organized a street rally, in front of Galleria-Houston, against the PKK terror. Approximately 30 supporters joined this event.

October 2007:

  • TurkishPAC hosted Prof. Justin McCarthy, a nationally and internationally recognized scholar of the Ottoman Empire, in Houston and organized a conference at UH-Hilton. The event turned out to be a success where Prof. McCarthy made two speeches, totaling close to 300 Turkish-American and American audience.
  • TurkishPAC organized a fundraising dinner for Zafer Tahir, running for Houston City Council, at large position 5. The dinner took place at the DNR Restaurant, on October 19th. 
  • A protest letter was sent to each member of the Foreign Affairs Committee by our Executive Secretary. Please click here for a copy of the letter.
  • TurkishPAC representatives met with Congressman Al Green and informed him one more time on the Turkish views about the Armenian allegations and the PKK terror. Rep. Green is also invited to join to the Turkish Caucus in the Congress.

August 2007

  • Representatives from TurkishPAC visited DC to join a fundraiser campaign for Florida Congressman Robert Wexler. TurkishPAC donated $1,000 to this campaign. This also gave TurkishPAC to coordinate its efforts with other Turkish-American political action committees around the nation.

June 2007

  • Friday, June 22, from 4 PM to 6 PM, Galleria area, Houston: TurkishPAC held a rally against Kurdish PKK terrorism. Participants displayed posters and distributed handouts to the public. The Kurdish terrorist group, PKK, killed thousands of innocent civilians since its inception. The official figures are as follows:

4,479 soldiers of all ranks, 205 police officers, 1,302 village guards 5,595 civilians 13,327 wounded, of which 10,752 are soldiers and quite a few of them became physically disabled, 7,620 wounded civilians. 26,128 terrorists exterminated.

PKK supposedly fights for Kurds. Paradoxically, though, most of the civilians the group killed are Kurds, babies included. The group has been engaging in terrorist activities for more than 25 years now, and the war between Turkish Army and the Kurdish terrorists still goes on; thanks to the support PKK receives from numerous European and Middle Eastern countries; Denmark, Greece and Belgium, to name just a few. Terrorists' Roj TV broadcasts from Denmark and Danish authorities reject Turkish Republic's request to ban Roj TV's broadcast. On Friday, June 22, 2007, German ARD TV aired a program on the issue, during which a terrorist named Sertan explained how he was trained at the camps in Belgium, and then joined PJAK, Iranian branch of PKK.

May 2007:

  • TurkishPAC prepared and sent a set of documents to all 450 congressmen and 100 senators. This set included evidence that refutes the so-called Armenian genocide.
  • Wednesday, May 2: From 12:00 to 1:30 pm, TurkishPAC members met with Nathan Cook, Deputy Regional Director of U.S. Senator John Cornyn. Mr. Cook was presented with the Turkish side and the supporting evidence on the Armenian allegations.

April 2007:

  • On April 20 and April 21, the Armenian protest was countered in front of Galleria, where they were ready to spread their lies. From 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm, almost 50 of us were there too, with 10 or so of our Azeri brothers and sisters. Click here for the pictures from April 21st.
  • On April 27: TurkishPAC President and Executive Secretary visited Congressman John Culberson at his Houston offices. The Congressman was very interested to hear the Turkish side of the HR. 106, and promised to "do his homework" and get back to TurkishPAC representatives.

March 2007:

  • Thursday, March 1: We called the Austin offices of Texas Senator David Whitmire and spoke to his assistant Renee Nguyen.
  • Thursday, March 8: TurkishPAC representatives met with the District Director for Congressman John Culberson.
  • Tuesday, March 20: TurkishPAC representatives visited the Office Manager of Congressman Michael McCaul, at his Houston office. The manager was given a brief presentation of the Turkish view, and historical documents were given as evidence, in hopes of securing a direct audience with the Congressman at a later date.

February 2007:

  • TurkishPAC setup an automated fax system to enable our constituencies to send faxes to the members of the Congress and the Senate, explaining their views on the bills that support the Afrmenian claims. More than 30,000 faxes were sent through this system which had a significant impact on up-coming votes on the future resolutions
  • Tuesday, February 20: TurkishPAC sent a 27 page letter to each Senator and Representative. Click here to see a copy of the letter. Or, right click on the above link and hit save target to download it to your computer. Please be patient since the document is 4 megabytes.
  • Tuesday, February 27: Our Executive Secretary gave a 1-hour PowerPoint presentation (click here for Part 1,, (7.98 mb), Part 2 (6.51 mb), and Part 3 (7.34 mb)) on the archival records of the Armenian problem at St. Thomas University.
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