Published: 19 July 2008
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All three representatives were invited to join the Turkish Caucus in the Congress

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4,479 soldiers of all ranks, 205 police officers, 1,302 village guards 5,595 civilians 13,327 wounded, of which 10,752 are soldiers and quite a few of them became physically disabled, 7,620 wounded civilians. 26,128 terrorists exterminated.

PKK supposedly fights for Kurds. Paradoxically, though, most of the civilians the group killed are Kurds, babies included. The group has been engaging in terrorist activities for more than 25 years now, and the war between Turkish Army and the Kurdish terrorists still goes on; thanks to the support PKK receives from numerous European and Middle Eastern countries; Denmark, Greece and Belgium, to name just a few. Terrorists' Roj TV broadcasts from Denmark and Danish authorities reject Turkish Republic's request to ban Roj TV's broadcast. On Friday, June 22, 2007, German ARD TV aired a program on the issue, during which a terrorist named Sertan explained how he was trained at the camps in Belgium, and then joined PJAK, Iranian branch of PKK.

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