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On December 29, 2010, President Obama appointed Frank Ricciardone as the US Ambassador to the Republic of Turkey. This appointment has ended a six month period of time when the position was vacant. The former Ambassador, James Jeffrey, is currently serving as the US Ambassador to Iraq. Following the announcement, G. Lincoln McCurdy, President of the Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) released the following statement:
"During his time in Ankara, Ambassador Ricciardone will continue to foster the long-standing commercial and security relationship between the US and Turkey. TCA is confident that Ricciardone brings significant experience and statesmanship to his new posting and will help to accomplish our nations’ mutual goals. We also take this opportunity to congratulate the appointment of Matthew Bryza as Ambassador to Azerbaijan, a nation with which Turkey and the United States share significant ties. We hope that both Ambassadors will work together with the respective governments in their host nations to end conflicts, bring peace and prosperity to the people of the region, while enhancing the image of the United States." "Turkish Americans and Azeri Americans look forward to a new era under the stewardships of these two fine diplomats. At the same time, we lament that two US Senators chose to hold up the appointment of Ambassador Bryza by adopting the hateful, deceptive rhetoric of a radical Armenian American group. We hope that US foreign policy in the region will cease to be kept hostage by such groups and that in the months ahead we will witness a principled US foreign policy that serves US national interests first and aims to enhance human rights, democracy, regional interdependence and peace in these critical parts of the world."

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