On the night of February 25-26, 1992, Armenian militants carried out a brutal massacre of hundreds of peaceful Azerbaijani civilians near Khojaly, (known as Xocali and Khodjaly in the Azerbaijani and Russian spellings, respectively) which used to be an Azerbaijani populated town in the Karabakh (Qarabag in Azerbaijani) region of Azerbaijan with a population of 7,000 people. The gruesome statistics indicate that 613 people had been massacred, of which 106 were women and 83 were children; 1275 taken hostage, 150 went missing; 487 people became disabled and invalid, 76 of whom are teenage boys and girls; 8 families had been completely destroyed; 25 children had lost both of their parents, 130 children had lost one of their parents; and 56 people had been killed with extreme cruelty and torture. Sharing the fate of its population, the town of Khojaly had been completely destroyed as well....

For more information, please visit the Khojaly Massacre Commemoration Site.

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