TurkishPAC supports the "I Do Not Apologize" campaign, launched two days ago against the "I apologize" campaign initiated by some misguided Turkish  academicians. The latter was launched at the beginning of this week and led by some of the well known so called "Armenian Genocide" protoganists, including Ahmet İnsel and Cengiz Aktar.  They ask visitors to sign under a text, which apologizes to their Armenian brothers and sisters, for their sufferings in 1915 are denied! Even though no one denies the sufferings of the Ottoman Population, including the Armenians, during the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire into 30 individual states, these demagogues shamelessly blame all of us for  the denial of the Armenian sufferings.

The apologists, however, never mention the "Great Catastrophe" the Anatolian Turks, Kurds and Jews were subjected to by the Armenians and their foreign supporters, which started decades before 1915.

TurkishPAC condemns this hypocrisy and recommends that you enter the "I Do Not Apologize" web site,  and enter your name as the supporter of this campaign.

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